joint inflammation and/or pain

The power of turmeric

May 12, 2016 paul 0

With more then 6000 peer reviewed articles researching the various effects of turmeric, it is the most researched natural remedy around.  Turmeric has been used […]

The magic of ginger

May 9, 2016 paul 0

Ginger is a rhizome, a root of a plant, that has been used medicinally and for flavoring food for thousands of years.  Culinary usage of […]

Nutrients for arthritis

May 6, 2016 paul 0

Arthritis is defined as joint inflammation or pain.  There are many different types of injuries, micro-organisms or other conditions that can damage the joints and […]

How to beat arthritis

April 20, 2016 paul 0

Arthritis is a symptom, not a disease.  Technically, there are 100 different “types” of arthritis, but the definition of arthritis is simply inflammation of the […]

Hello world!

April 19, 2016 paul 1

Hello everyone.  This is the first of many articles about making more natural choices to support a healthier body.  Some topics that will get covered […]