Maintaining good health is always going to be a challenge.  Getting older requires an even more diligent effort to keep your diet healthy and keep your body fit.  Staying fit and eating healthy are the foundation of a long and healthy life.  Doctors can help with medications, but it is up to the individual to manage their own lifestyle.  Lifestyle choices (like diet and activity level) make up approximately 90% of your health.

This website is about making natural choices that can help you to have a longer, healthier life.  Many people do not know, for instance, that raw ginger has enzymes in it that can help you to reduce your risk of arthritis while supporting good digestive health.  As I am getting older, I have been discovering many things like this by doing research into homoeopathic medicine in various cultures.  I hope to help people to be healthier and happier.

As a people age, we tend to place a higher priority on health and well-being.  Most of our lives are made up of patterns.  For instance, each day, when you wake up, you probably have a set of patterns that you follow.  People who are successful, healthy and prosperous tend to have specific patterns that help to support their success.  Hopefully this page will be able to reiterate some of those positive patterns, especially as related to good health and the power of natural food.

The techniques and patterns that are propagated on this site have been tested by me, on myself and are based on common sense.  I grew up with childhood arthritis and all kinds of strange and unusual health problems.  I could probably fill an entire web page talking about all the different strange problems that I’ve had over my lifetime with an equally long rant describing the many strange and unusual treatments that I’ve tried in order to figure out how to get healthier, stronger and more active.  These pages are a collection of the things that have actually worked.  I love my family and I want to live long enough to at least see my children graduate from college.

I am not a doctor and I make no unsubstantiated medical claims on this website, or any other, to the best of my ability.  People dealing with medical problems should consult with a medical professional before considering any type of alternative treatment.  The more information that you are able to obtain about your specific condition, the better equipped you are to make informed decisions and healthy choices about your own treatment.