The magic health benefits of garlic

Garlic has been used for centuries for it’s many medicinal benefits.  Raw garlic contains powerful compounds with many beneficial effects on the human body.  Ancient Egyptians were among the first civilizations to cultivate it, and it has endured through the last 5000 years as a powerful medicine for many different ailments.


Garlic has the honor of being one of the first antibiotics discovered by Louis Pasteur, also known as the father of modern microbiology.  In it’s raw form, it is a potent antibiotic, capable of reducing negative bacteria in the digestive tract safely while simultaneously strengthening the immune system.


Important sulfur containing compounds in garlic are effective at reducing free-radicals in the blood stream.  These compounds also give garlic it’s characteristic odor.


Modern research is currently working to identify some of the specific compounds in garlic that are effective at reducing inflammation for many people.


Much research has been conducted into garlic’s ability to fight bacteria, and garlic is also powerful against yeasts, fungi, parasites and even insects.  It’s powerful stuff.

Blood strengthener

Garlic has been proven to lower blood pressure and reduce stickiness of blood platelets, reducing blood clots and lowering blood cholesterol.  With a list of benefits like that, isn’t it starting to seem magical to you?

Insect Repellent

When you consume large quantities of raw garlic, the natural oils contained in the cloves builds up in your system, naturally repelling all different kinds of insects.  Try it next time you go camping, the bugs may be swarming, but you will find that the insects will ignore you if you eat enough of the magic vegetable.

Consuming Raw Garlic

Raw garlic contains some important sulfur containing compounds including allicin that will oxidize when exposed to air.  For maximum benefit, chop raw garlic, or eat it whole, or freshly crushed so that the polysulfides retain their maximum health benefiting qualities.

In order to ingest larger quantities of garlic, drink plenty of water.  It takes some getting used to, because it’s pretty spicy stuff, but your health will thank you.

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