Hello world!

Hello everyone.  This is the first of many articles about making more natural choices to support a healthier body.  Some topics that will get covered are:

  • Diet – Making better dietary choices can definitely give you more sustained energy and a better sense of well-being.
  • Common ailments – Preventative patterns are the key for reducing the likelihood of developing ailments like diabetes and arthritis.
  • Superfoods – Otherwise known as “food”, there are many food items available to us that are packed with nutrients and can help you to feel “super”.
  • Recipes – Sometimes getting healthier food into your tummy is as simple as making it taste good.
  • Exercises – For me, the key to getting a good solid workout is having a routine that produces the desired results.  I know that switching up my workout may bring bigger gains, but for me personally, I prefer to zone out and get my sweat on.

I work full-time as a custodian, which is a job that requires a lot of energy.  The plant where I work is massive, so most days I log between 10k and 20k steps just making sure the place stays clean.  It’s a stinky job sometimes, but I get to work around some pretty important machines and every day I learn a little bit more about generating cleanliness.


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