General nutrition to support good health

Modern diets are often low in some important elements that are important for optimal health.  General nutrition is important for the normal operation of many vital systems in the human body.  My humble opinion is that most of the common ailments in the world today can be prevented, cured or at least minimized to a manageable level with just simple nutrition.  In to maximize your body’s natural ability to heal, you need to provide it with the nutrients that it requires to rebuild tissues and to eliminate waste effectively.

Some foods that are generally beneficial

  • Flax Seeds – Provides omega-3 fatty acids, fiber and protein and natural oils.
  • Kale –  A nutrient dense leafy vegetable, provides calcium, vitamin C and vitamin A as well as several other important nutrients.
  • Sunflower Seeds / Pumpkin Seeds – Provide healthy natural oils and tocopherols as well as fiber and protein.
  • Vegetables – Generally, vegetables have fiber and protein as well as other nutrients like vitamin C, magnesium, etc.
  • Fruits – When consumed in their complete form, most fruits contain more then enough fiber to balance the fruit sugar that they contain.  For most people, fruits in their whole or blended form are an excellent way to get some energy while keeping the digestive system moving.
  • Yogurt / Kefir – Beneficial bacteria and yeasts in fermented products are like tiny bacterial team-mates, helping to digest your food, producing nutrients that people aren’t capable of producing themselves, and helping to keep the digestive tract clean.  Some lactic acid bacteria actually produce a protective film in the digestive tract that help to protect the lining of the intestines.

Foods like those above tend to have multiple positive effects, like balancing blood sugar, increasing digestive health and providing a variety of nutrients in bio-available forms.  Additionally, energy obtained from whole foods, like those above tends to be sustained, consistent energy that is more useful for working or for prolonged athletic activities.

There are many positive side effects from having a healthier diet.  Increasing the complexity of carbohydrates that are consumed on a regular basis and reducing the simple sugars in the diet tends to increase the stability of blood sugar levels, lowering the likelihood of developing diabetes.  Making healthier dietary choices on a regular basis also allows a person to relax and enjoy their food, instead of worrying about calories and portion sizes.  Also, once you begin to feel the effects of a healthier diet, you will probably get addicted to feeling better and find more ways to enjoy good food that is better for you and ultimately better for our planet.



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