Gaining body mass naturally

Some people, like me, have trouble gaining weight.  For most of my youth, I was a skinny guy, even though I worked out on a regular basis, lived an active lifestyle and ate large quantities of food on a regular basis.  It didn’t matter if I ate healthy food or junk food, I was unable to gain weight.  I couldn’t gain muscle mass no matter what workouts I tried and I couldn’t gain fat no matter how much junk food I gulped down.

Now that I am older, and have the benefit of my own experiences, I have learned some things that have helped me to gain weight naturally.

  • Exercise – Workout less and use more weight.  The goal is to achieve exhaustion of the muscle tissue in just a few reps.  This method tells the body to produce more muscle tissue.  It is especially important to use good form when using this technique.
  • Eat more nutritionally dense foods – Rich plant based oils and protein sources such as nuts and seeds are great for helping to provide your body with sufficient nutrients for growth and building mass.
  • Slow down – Make better decisions, Work more efficiently, Find ways to stop occasionally and smell the proverbial roses.

One thing that I believe has helped me to gain weight and to become more of a stockier kind of guy is that I have simplified my life in many ways.  I was wasting a lot of physical and mental energy on meaningless things and as I learned to let go of things that weren’t important, I was left with the things that mattered most to me.  I also was able to conserve my own energy.  Our bodies use energy to grow and to build more mass.

Another important thing for gaining mass is to build a stronger digestion.  Building a stronger digestion is possible by eating more fibrous foods and eating more foods with enzymes, like papaya, pineapple and raw ginger.  Some excellent sources of natural protein are:

  • Rice bran
  • Seeds
  • Nuts
  • Leafy greens

Natural protein is easier to digest and benefits your body by providing nutrients like magnesium, iron, tocopherols, zinc, etc.  Make sure you’re getting a balance of amino acids by eating a variety of natural proteins and you’ll be more likely to see muscle gains when you work out.

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