Adjusting your weight naturally

Many people in the world are not happy with their body.  Whether you’re big and beautiful and wishing you were a little lighter on the scale, or if you’re lean and mean and wishing for a little more body mass, many of the weight issues that people deal with are related to metabolism.


If your metabolism is slow, you probably can gain weight easily and have trouble getting rid of it once you put it on.  If your metabolism is fast, then you burn calories effortlessly without even trying and probably have trouble gaining weight no matter how much food you eat.  Either way, it can be frustrating unless you learn how easy it is to control and adjust your metabolism by making some slight changes to your lifestyle.

The first thing to realize is that you are beautiful.  Whatever your body type is, and no mater what kind of a metabolism you currently have, you are a beautiful person and your body is amazing and working just as it should.  Your metabolism reacts to the way that you live by providing you with whatever it is that you demand from it.  Learning to adjust your own metabolism is not difficult, but learning to appreciate your own body and the natural systems that it uses to manage your calorie storage may require a little effort.

Whether you are attempting to speed up your metabolism, or slow it down, what is important is that patterns are a major part of who you are.  For instance, if you wake up every morning, get some sweat going and drink a big green smoothie, you are developing patterns that will probably result in a metabolism that is a little on the higher side.  If you wake up in the morning and go back to sleep until the last possible minute, your metabolism will probably slow down over time.

If you live an active lifestyle, with lots of moving around. then your body will react by staying lean and light, giving you energy and not storing up lots of calories.  If you live your life at a slower, more comfortable pace, then your body will respond by storing calories and helping you to enjoy your more relaxed rate of living.

Some things that you can do to speed up your metabolism
  • Cayenne – It’s spicy and it helps to speed up your metabolism
  • Raw ginger, garlic, turmeric – all great for helping to speed up your metabolism
  • Fruits – Eating foods that aren’t as nutritionally dense, and that contain healthy sugars, like apples, oranges and bananas, helps your body to get plenty of quick energy, while keeping your digestion moving.
  • Caffeine – It’s found in tea and coffee, so it can be natural, and guess what, it makes you move and think a little quicker.
  • Activity – Keep moving and moving and moving.  In order to speed up your metabolism, you want to push it a little, so walk on a regular basis, swim, climb stairs, get your body moving and keep it moving.  Push it just a little.  Shoot for anaerobic activities and aerobic activities several times per day.  Stay comfortable, and active and drink plenty of water.

Listen to your body and eat more plants.  Plants provide nutrients that are important for your body’s healthy operation.  Let go of processed carbs and eat more things that come from plants like seeds, grains, fruits, vegetables, etc.  Foods like this are better for your digestion in general.

Some things that you can do to slow your metabolism down
  • Eat heavy – Plant fats and proteins, like sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, avocado, coconut, etc. are great ways to provide your body with nutrients with plenty of protein and lipids for building mass.  Meat, eggs etc. are also beneficial, but be wary of cheap animal proteins, they are probably not as healthy for you as a comparable quantity of plant fat/proteins.
  • Eat more – Plant fats and proteins are generally cheaper and better for the environment then meat and other animal proteins, but they are also less nutritionally dense, meaning that you will need to eat more food and more often.  The good news is that these types of foods are protective for your digestion and for your body in general.
  • Rest – Getting plenty of rest is a great way to slow your metabolism down.  Getting more rest will probably mean simplifying your life and working more efficiently to free up the extra time required.
  • Exercise – Exercising should consist of very little cardio and only a few heavy reps.  The goal for slowing the metabolism is to stress the muscles with just a few reps, so that the body produces more muscle tissue without burning too many calories.

Generally, having a higher metabolism is better for your health, provided you are eating healthy and taking care of your digestive systems.  Appreciating yourself is always important.  You are always going to be yourself.


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